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How Much Protein Do Kids Need?
Whether you have a picky eater or a teen who runs track, the actual amount of protein kids require each day may surprise you.
The 5 Best Fitness Apps to Keep you Motivated
With help from a few of our sponsored athletes, we've rounded up our favourite fitness apps for workout ideas, data tracking, and training.
Super Simple Vanilla Maple Protein Chia Bowl
Chia seeds are rich in protein, Omega 3's, fibre, and antioxidants - just like Rumble.
Get Stronger, the Right Way: Strength-Training Tips from Rumble Ambassador Sara Zaystoff
Strength is about more than muscle. Rumble Ambassador Sara Zaytsoff explains what makes a well-rounded athlete, and shares her tips for getting stronger. 
6 Healthy Beach Snacks to Pack This Weekend
The best beach snacks are tasty, quick to pack, and not too finicky to eat (because, sand). 
Attention Young Female Athletes! This 'Virtual Run Club' is For You
There aren’t many places right now for teens to get the encouragement and support they need to stay active. Rumble Ambassador Sara from Mint Club Athletics is trying to change that.
Why Rumble Supershake Is More than Just a Meal Replacement
When Paul first created the homemade shakes that would become Rumble, he was hoping to create a better, tastier, healthier meal replacement. He ended up creating so much more.
5 Under-the-Radar Campgrounds in BC
If you’re looking to get away from it all in BC without having to wake up at 6am to make a reservation, try one of these incredible campgrounds.
New Recipe! No-Bake Vanilla Spice Protein Bites
These gluten-free, no-bake protein bites couldn't be easier to make, and they taste just like cinnamon spice cookie dough!
The 2020 GearUp4CF Ride Is Going Virtual, and Rumble’s Here For It
We’re stoked our GearUp4CF friends get to continue the tradition and ride together, apart.
Is Rumble Supershake Safe to Drink while Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
Here’s everything you need to know about drinking Rumble while pregnant or breastfeeding, including the caffeine content of each flavour.
Comparison Chart: What Makes Rumble the Best Protein Shake in Canada
A quick breakdown on how our nutritional facts and ingredients compare to other protein shakes in Canada - because we believe what we put in our bodies matters, and know you do too. 
Super Easy Coffee Protein Chia Bowl Recipe
Looking for a fast and ultra-nutritious breakfast to kickstart your morning? Load up on protein, Omega 3's, and fibre with this tasty treat. 
Over 48,000 Nutritional Drinks Donated By Rumble Supershake in 2020 (So Far)
We're stepping up to make our quality nutrition available to those who need it most.
5 Ways To Sneak More Nutrition Into Your Kids' Meals (ft. Rumble Co-Founder James)
Take a break from the macaroni and cheese! Rumble Co-Founder and GM James McQueen shares 5 tips for making healthy snacks and meals for kids during these busy times.
Rumble at Home: Checking in with Rumble Supershake Founder Paul Underhill
Rumble creator Paul Underhill is immunosuppressed, which puts him at greater risk of COVID-19. We ask how he's coping with isolation and still managing to #feedthegood. 
Join Our New Rumble Rewards Club and Save
We owe so much to you, our loyal Rumble fans. As a small thank you, we’re launching an awesome new rewards club, just for you. 
Live Life and Pass it On: How to Register as an Organ Donor
Nine years ago today, Rumble Supershake founder Paul Underhill received a life-saving double-lung transplant. In honour of his ‘lungiversary’, we’re spreading the word about organ donation.
How to Make the Most of Your Home Workouts
Home workouts don’t have to be boring or lacklustre - with the right structure and mentality, they can be just as effective as thirty minutes in the gym. 
The 5 Biggest Nutrition Myths, Busted
We break down five big nutrition myths to give you the facts you need to eat healthier - for real.