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The Journey to Plant-Based: Q&A with the Rumble Creator Paul + Dietitian Rachel Dickens
It was no small feat to create a super tasty and super healthy vegan Rumble Supershake. In fact, it took almost two years of planning, sampling, and testing to get it just right.
Announcing The New Vegan Rumble Supershake
Meet our two newest flavours - Cacao and Latte! Created to deliver the plant-based nutrition you crave.
When Good Nutrition is a Lifesaver
Since launching Rumble Supershake, we’ve heard from thousands of you how it's changed your lives. Here are a few of your stories.
How Much Sugar is In Rumble? Here's Everything You Need to Know.
Yes, Rumble has simple sugars - but all sugars are not equal. Learn about Rumble's glycemic index, and why it matters.
New in Rumble Supershake: DHA Omega 3 Fatty Acids!
We’ve always included a hearty helping of Omega 3 fatty acids in Rumble Supershake, but now we’re adding plant-based DHA to the mix, too!
Our Plastic Promise: Recycling More Plastic Than We Use
At Rumble, we believe that healthy people depend on a healthy planet - a planet free from plastic waste.
The New Rumble is Here! See What’s Changed for 2021
Today, we’re stoked to announce the latest version of Rumble Supershake!
How to Start Road Cycling: Tips from Rumble Athlete Alex Hui
Looking for your next socially distant outdoor activity? Road cycling checks all the boxes.
How to Improve Your Eating Habits in a Pandemic: Advice from Dietitian Rachel Dickens
Rumble Dietitian Rachel Dickens shares some wisdom for gentle, sustainable changes we can all make to improve our nutrition through 2021.
Stay Motivated to Run in 2021: 5 Tips From Sun Run Winner Justin Kent
When the pandemic hit last year, races were cancelled and Rumble athlete Justin Kent's plans flew out the window. Here's how he maintained his momentum, and how you can to. 
5 Easy Mindfulness Practices for Being Present Everyday
If you’re struggling to find the time to meditate (or it’s just not your thing), here are five easy things you can do each day to feel more present.
A West Coast Christmas (in Lockdown) with Rumble Founder Paul Underhill
Paul shares his favourite holiday traditions and activities for a west coast Christmas in lockdown.
Can't Stop the Game: How Canada Rugby 7s player Bianca Farella Made 2020 Work For Her
What do you do when a virus annihilates everything you've been working towards? If you're on the Canada 7s Rugby team like Bianca Farella, you just keep training.
10 Foodie Gift Ideas from Awesome Canadian Brands
Canada has a ton of natural food companies that are shaking up their categories with products that are better for you and better for the planet. 
Our Favourite Healthy Holiday Treats
These recipes are delicious and loaded with goodness. Make them for yourself and your family, or make a few batches to package and deliver (safely) to friends!
12 Winter Activities You Can Do In Lockdown
We feel energized and happier when we spend time outdoors. Here's a list of 12 things you can do outside in your community.
Make an Excuse for Adventure: Tips for Spending More Time Outdoors from Rock Climber Zoe Beauchemin
Bouldering phenom and Rumble athlete Zoe Beauchemin shares her tips for finding adventure no matter how busy life gets.
How to Live to 100: Longevity Tips Proven by Science
Eat well, exercise, and say hi to your neighbours - follow these maxims, and you'll be on your way to a long, healthy life. 
The Natural Sweeteners that Make Rumble Supershake Taste So Good
While other beverages use artificial sweeteners to trick the pallet, Rumble is proud to be made of 100% natural ingredients. 
When is the Best Time of Day to Exercise?
Late morning, early afternoon, or first-thing - when is the best time to fit in your workout? The answer depends on what you’re aiming for.