11 Spring Activities You Can Do in Lockdown

The days are getting longer, warmer, and sunnier, but most of us are still stuck close to home.

After over a year of travel bans and social restrictions, it’s easier now than ever to get burnt out and bored. But with springtime comes new opportunities for outdoor activities that can inject a little more excitement and novelty into your life!

Building off the success of last year’s list of 12 Winter Activities You Can Do in Lockdown, we’ve pulled together a list of our favourite outdoor activities for spring. Please check your local COVID-19 restrictions first, to ensure that whatever you get up to, you’re following the guidelines, staying safe, and stopping the spread (while also having a rad time). 


The most obvious springtime activity, gardening gets you outdoors and focused on something other than COVID-19 restrictions - plants! Whether you have a window box garden, a patio, or a full yard to work with, gardening is something everyone can get into.

Beach Fire

Open fires aren’t permitted on many Canadian beaches, but gas-powered fire pits usually are! Check your local regulations before bringing along your portable fire pit the next time you hit a beach or park in the evening. 

Sunset Drinks

Take advantage of the longer days with a post-dinner beverage at your favourite sunset viewing spot.


Stay close to home while exploring new neighbourhoods and parks on your bike! Pack some Rumble or lunch to make a day of it.


Turn a regular park visit into a special occasion by preparing a picnic for you and your bubble. Go fancy with linen napkins and nice stemware, or go casual with takeout fish ‘n’ chips. 

Bring a BBQ

Level-up your picnicking game by bringing a portable barbecue (where permitted) or gas stove! Even a cooler day can be made cozy with a freshly prepared hot meal, al fresco. 


While we’re lucky that we can hike year-round in many parts of Canada, spring is one of the very best times of year to hit the trails.

Fly a kite

Feel like a kid again (or get your kids out of the house!) with a kite. Just keep your eyes on the ground as well as your kite, so you can maintain physical distance from others around you.

Go Paddling

Whether kayaking, paddle boarding, or canoeing, getting out on the water with a paddle may be the ultimate physically-distant outdoor activity. 


If you’re lucky enough to leave near Canadian surf, grab a wetsuit and hit the waves! Most surf areas have beaches or sections of the beach that are better for beginners - so be sure to ask before you go. 

Get Creative

Photography, drawing, writing, sketching, watercolour painting - these things can all be done outdoors, in nature! Pack a blanket, a notebook, and a few art supplies on your next walk to make the most of a sunny spring day, without having to go anywhere, really.