Announcing The New Vegan Rumble Supershake


Paul Underhill, Founder

When I first started making shakes in my kitchen to improve my health, I initially used a plant-based meal replacement powder, but (surprise!) the taste and texture were awful.

My naturopath suggested that I use lactose-free whey protein powder instead, since early plant-based protein powders were known to pose challenges for digestion. That decision led us on a trail to create the three Rumble Supershake flavours that you know and love today - Dutch Cocoa, Vanilla Maple, and Coffee Bean - which are all made with grass-fed dairy proteins. 

Yet even as we launched Rumble years ago, we knew that one day, we wanted to make a plant-based Supershake - one that’s not only incredibly nutritious, but also groundbreakingly tasty


The Challenge

Plant-based nutrition gets a bad rap, because it’s notoriously difficult to make plant proteins taste, well… good. There’s a reason we don’t all sit around drinking peashakes or hempshakes with fries. Plant protein isn’t as soluble, so it’s naturally grittier. It also doesn’t have the inherent sweetness or creaminess of dairy protein. 

But times are changing, and huge gains have been made in plant-based food science. We also all know by now that we need to prioritize plants in our diet for a more sustainable future on this planet

So while we’ve always wanted to make Rumble for our vegan and non-dairy friends, we knew it was time to create two new plant-based Rumble flavours for everyone to enjoy.


The Plant-Based Nutrition You Crave

What makes Rumble Supershake unique is that it’s both delicious AND nutritionally balanced. We had the same goals in mind for our new plant-based flavours, so we enlisted the help of Rumble Dietitian Rachel Dickens to help us create magic.

Rumble Cacao is made with Fairtrade Organic Cacao, for a brighter and earthier flavour than Rumble Dutch Cocoa, and a more subtle sweetness.

Rumble Latte is made with real cold brew coffee and a hint of cinnamon. It’s less caffeinated than Rumble Coffee Bean, and has a more mellow ‘spiced latte’ vibe.



The Good Stuff

No matter the protein source, Rumble has a perfectly balanced ratio of macronutrients (protein, healthy fats, fibre, and low sugars). We’re stoked to share that we’ve managed to maintain this balance in our plant-based flavours.

Both Cacao and Latte have 16 grams of plant-based protein, using a custom mixture of hemp and pea proteins for optimal PDCASS (protein digestability-corrected amino acid score). Basically, this means we formulated our protein mix to enhance the quality and make it as easy as possible for your body to digest. 

Many ingredients are the same as the original Rumble. In all flavours, you’ll find Coconut MCT oil, avocado oil, organic flaxseed oil (with 2000mg of Omega 3’s), plant-based DHA from algal oil, and organic greens

Like the original Rumble, the new flavours have 5 grams of fibre, but boast even lower sugars from natural sweeteners (Rumble Latte has only 5 grams of sugar, Rumble Cacao has only 8 grams).

There are also some rad new things: both plant-based flavours feature coconut cream, for mouth-watering texture. Plus, they're fortified with vitamins D and B12, delivering 25% and 50% of your recommended daily intake per bottle, respectively.


Be the First to Try It

We spent months tinkering with the flavours to create the very best plant-based nutritional drink out there.  Rumble Cacao and Rumble Latte taste subtly sweet, natural, and real - like the premium ingredients they’re made of.

Whether you’re vegan, dairy-free, or just excited about plant-based nutrition - Rumble Supershake is for you.

You can order the new Rumble plant-based flavours now, while supplies last. Our first trial run is only available in limited quantities until spring - so be the first to try it, and order now!