Why Rumble Supershake Is Canada's Best Natural Meal Replacement Alternative

By Rumble Founder Paul Underhill

Most of us recognize meal replacement drinks as those sad bottles on the pharmacy shelf next to vitamins and weight-loss shakes. They’re usually full of weird ingredients you can’t pronounce, and taste like super-sweet, chocolate-flavoured plastic (yum!). 

It’s a shame, because while meal replacements have a bad rap, there are so many people (like me!) who depend on them for liquid nutrition. I have cystic fibrosis, and years ago, getting the nutrition I needed was literally a matter of life and death. I was so unhappy with available meal replacement drinks that I set out to make my own.

When I first created the homemade shakes that would become Rumble, I was hoping to create a better, tastier, healthier meal replacement. Together with my co-founders (including a naturopathic physician), we ended up creating so much more.

Meal Replacements, Defined

In Canada, a meal replacement must contain at least 225 calories per serving, as well as certain amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Because Rumble isn’t fortified with additional vitamins and minerals (just those that naturally occur in our ingredients), we aren’t officially classified as a meal replacement. We chose not to fortify Rumble because so many of us get enough vitamins and minerals elsewhere in our diets, or through other supplements. The only exception is our plant-based flavours, which contain added vitamins B12 and D2 - two vitamins that are difficult to get enough of on a vegan diet!


Why We’re Better

But we believe Rumble is actually a better choice for many people who need to supplement their nutrition, because Rumble has a higher and much healthier ratio (2:1) of healthy Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats, compared to meal replacement drinks, which have a 1:4 ratio.

Omega 3 fats are anti-inflammatory, whereas most Omega 6 fats are pro-inflammatory. Inflammation is a challenge for many health-compromised people, and in fact most ‘normal’ people don’t consume nearly enough Omega 3’s. That's why we're stoked that every bottle of Rumble has DHA and 2000mg of heart-healthy Omega 3's, from organic flaxseed oil and plant-based algal oil. 

Our Grass-Fed flavours are 99.7% lactose-free and made with protein from happy grass-fed cows, unlike the generic dairy proteins found in meal replacements. Plus, we now have a 100% vegan lineup, made with the perfect balance of plant-based pea and hemp proteins.

All flavours of Rumble Supershake are non-GMO, Certified Gluten-free, and full of healthy fats and fibre. We're proud to use many organic ingredients, including a high-antioxidant blend of organic broccoli, kale and beet in every bottle. Rumble Dutch Cocoa is also made with Fairtrade Organic Cocoa, and Rumble Cacao is made with Fairtrade Organic Cacao. 


Taste The Difference

Best of all? Rumble Supershake tastes exactly how you want it to taste - creamy, delicious, and real. Rumble Dutch Cocoa tastes like actual chocolate milk. Rumble Vanilla Maple is like a subtly sweet milkshake. Rumble Coffee Bean is bold and creamy like your favourite iced coffee treat. Rumble Cacao is light and earthy, with dark chocolate notes. Made with real cold brew coffee, Rumble Latte tastes like a lightly sweetened spiced latte, with the perfect hint of cinnamon. 

It's no surprise that quality, natural ingredients result in incredible flavour and better nutrition. But don't just take it from me - over the years, we've heard from thousands of Canadians how Rumble has changed (or even saved!) their lives.

Rumble Supershake is more than just a meal replacement - it's the natural, hunger-fighting nutritional shake you crave. 


SOME NOTES: While we wouldn’t advise that you substitute all food for Rumble, Rumble can be used as a light meal replacement. There are many people in the Rumble community who depend on Rumble as a major part of their diet due to health challenges, and there’s no limit to how many Rumbles you can have per day (although those with kidney disease or on protein-restricted diets should consult their doctor to ensure they are within limits for protein).