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Healthy Halloween Treats to Hand Out this Year (Without Getting Egged)
There’s no avoiding it - halloween is a sugar-bomb. But what’s the alternative? You don’t want to be the house that gives out raisins or toothbrushes!
Steps To Improve Your Willpower
Follow these ideas to increase your willpower! I’ve always been under the assumptions that willpower is indefinite. The truth is that it has a daily expiry, and each person has a different threshold of willpower that they can endure before their day ends. Luckily, there are things you can do to extend your willpowers lifeline! 
Try These Hearty Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookies
These are no ordinary cookies - they’re dense, chewy, and full of fibre, protein, and healthy fats, thanks to Rumble Vanilla Maple. 
A New Playlist For You to Try: Get Your Workout On
If you’re tired of your own music or can’t seem to get the right jam, check out this playlist that covers your entire workout! 
5 Easy Protein-Packed Snacks for Kids
Get ready for back-to-school with these quick and nutritious snack ideas.
The Rumble Life: How to Heal Through Hardship

Yesterday, as we slowly ambled around the block in the early evening sun, Sandra kept repeating, “Oh wow.... oh wow!” as she delighted in the warm, fresh air, and the feeling of the late summer sun lighting up her face. 

How to Travel for Best Race Results
Yes! It’s finally happening! The pandemic restrictions are lifting and races are being announced. This means that it’s time to remember how to correctly travel to optimize your performance.
Athlete Stories ft. Laurin Thorne: Are You Going Through a Burnout?
It was the first time I was truly broken. No matter how far I dug there was no part of me that wanted to continue this dream - Rumble Athlete Ambassador Laurin Thorne
Super Good Vegan Latte Protein Power Balls
These no-cook protein power balls take only minutes to make, and they’re loaded with flavour and nutrition from our plant-based Latte Rumble Supershake!
Not Just an Athlete: Finding an Identity Outside of Sport
It’s okay to let go and do something new. It’s your life and you need to be happy with it. Rumble athlete ambassador Laurin Thorne shares what it means to be a high performance athlete and the toll this took on her.
Try Our NEW Plant-based Protein Variety Pack!
Get 6 bottles of our super tasty, all-natural, high-protein Supershakes for only $30 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada.
Health Hacks from Rumble Founder Paul: Heart-Rate Variability
The difference in milliseconds between heartbeats is what's called heart rate variability (HRV) - and it’s a big signifier of health. Here's how to track it.
BC’s Best Beaches For A Staycation
To help inspire your next trip, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite nearby beaches for every kind of vacation.
How Rumble's Nutritional Facts Compare to Popular Snacks
We took the liberty of looking up the nutritional profiles of a bunch of favourite on-the-go and homemade snacks to see how Rumble stacks up. 
Two Rumble Athletes to Join Team Canada at the Tokyo Olympics
Runner Lindsey Butterworth and Rugby 7's player Bianca Farella are going for gold.
Canada’s Best Plant-Based Protein Snacks
Our fave 100% vegan protein snacks from Canadian companies, including energy bites, protein shakes, vegan bars, and more.
"Everything in Moderation": How Competitive Runner Lindsey Butterworth Fuels To Win
Rumble Ambassador Lindsey Butterworth shares what she's learned about nutrition - for running, and for life. 
Why Rumble is Canada’s Best Vegan Protein Shake
Superior taste, ingredients, nutrition, AND it's ready-to-drink - Rumble is your new favourite vegan treat.
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