How Rumble's Nutritional Facts Stack Up

It’s 4pm - what’s in your snack bag? If you haven’t packed anything in advance (see our list of tips!), you may be wondering what’s going to give you the right balance of protein, fibre, fats, and carbohydrates to keep you going until dinner. 

The Showdown

Wonder no more! We took the liberty of looking up the nutritional profiles of a bunch of favourite on-the-go and homemade snacks to see how Rumble Supershake stacks up. Included in our crosshairs are a ‘morning glory’ muffin, greek yogurt parfait, fruit protein smoothie from your favourite juice bar, peanut butter and toast, a plain Frappuccino, and our favourite standby: cheese. We even made some fancy graphs.

The Verdict

Rumble delivers a high-protein punch, low in simple sugars (from maple syrup), high in fibre, and boasting a balanced amount of fat. No other snack gets you that 2:1 ratio of (grass-fed!) protein to carbohydrates, alongside as much fibre and just the right amount of fat as a Rumble. In fact, the high protein and fibre content helps slow down how you metabolize the sugars in Rumble, giving the Supershake a low glycemic index, despite it’s 11g of simple sugars.

Balance Above All

Now don’t get us wrong - we love a coffee shop muffin or decadent smoothie when we’re in the mood for a treat. And there’s really no substitute for real food (looking at you, peanut butter and toast!). But when you need convenient, balanced, and powerful nutrition, grabbing a cold Rumble from your nearest grocer is a winning choice.