When Good Nutrition is a Lifesaver

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost ten years since Rumble founder Paul received his double-lung transplant, and ten years since he first teamed up with a few friends to share his nutritious kitchen shakes with the world. 

Paul knew then that good nutrition can be a lifesaver. The problem? All the meal replacement drinks and nutritional shakes on the market were full of artificial ingredients, and high in sugar. Paul thought, “What if there was a shake that was nutritionally balanced, naturally energizing, and made with the best ingredients out there? What if it tasted so good, you actually craved it?” 

Since launching Rumble Supershake, we’ve heard from thousands of you that Rumble isn’t just a super delicious and healthy snack, or a better-for-you protein shake - it’s a lifesaver. It turns out that when fantastic nutrition tastes this good, it can change everything. 

These are a few of your stories.



Rumble was created to help save founder Paul’s life, but now it’s made to nourish yours. 

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