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The Importance of Slowing Down: How Rumble Creator Paul finds Balance through Meditation
In addition to daily meditation, Paul takes off on regular retreats to recharge his mind, body, and soul. All that meditating is making a difference for his health, and he's got the data to prove it.
Why We Choose Fairtrade
We're on a mission to make the healthiest, tastiest, all-natural supershake. Part of that commitment means doing whatever we can to ensure a happy, healthy planet - people included.
World Record Paraglider Wins Rumble-Sponsored Award in Banff
The winning film is insane and beautiful, following one man who attempts to paraglide over the 8051m Broad Peak in Pakistan - totally alone.
What it Takes to Build a Natural Food Company in Canada: Q&A with Rumble Co-Founder James McQueen
Ever wondered what goes into starting a beverage company? Co-founder James McQueen shares a few of the things he’s learned along the way.
The Tastiest Rumble Coffee Bean and Chocolate Chip Muffins
Try this recipe for a delicious, coffee-infused muffin treat, packed with protein, fibre, and healthy fats.
Healthy Halloween Treats to Hand Out this Year (Without Getting Egged)
There’s no avoiding it - halloween is a sugar-bomb. But what’s the alternative? You don’t want to be the house that gives out raisins or toothbrushes!
The Double Chocolate Rumble Zucchini Loaf You Never Knew You Needed
You’d never know this rich and decadent loaf contains a whole carton of Dutch Cocoa Rumble!
Our Favourite Outdoor Activities for Fall
The only thing cozier than an evening spent by the fire with friends, is an evening spent by the fire with friends after a drizzly mountain hike! Get outside this fall with our list of all-weather activities. 
See you at the Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival!
This year, Rumble will be presenting the award for Best Mountain Sports Film. We’ll also be rocking a booth at the Mountain Marketplace, and popping up all over Banff with free samples and drinks.
Try These Hearty Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookies
These are no ordinary cookies - they’re dense, chewy, and full of fibre, protein, and healthy fats, thanks to Rumble Vanilla Maple. 
How Much Sugar is In Rumble? Here's Everything You Need to Know.
Yes, Rumble has simple sugars - but all sugars are not equal. Learn about Rumble's glycemic index, and why it matters.
Achieve your Fall Fitness Goals with These Tips
The end of summer is a great time to revisit your fitness and set some new goals for the cooler months ahead. Check out these tried-and-true tips staying on track. 
Rumble Overnight Oats: Protein-Packed Breakfast in a Flash
Weekday breakfasts should be quick, easy, and nourishing. Try this recipe for Rumble Supershake Overnight Oats!
10 Tips for Quick and Healthy Back-to-School Lunches
To get your school year started right, we’ve assembled some of our favourite tips for packing amazing lunch boxes your kids will love. 
Surfing without Limits: Q&A with Rumble Kiteboarder Reece Myerscough
Rumble athlete Reece Myerscough talks kiteboarding, equipment design, and what it takes to kill it in competitions on an international level.
Rumble Cartons are Recyclable! Here’s Everything You Need to Know
Across Canada, 60% of cartons are recycled or recovered, yet 97% of Canadians have access to carton recycling in their communities. Here's how to recycle your Rumble cartons.
The Essential Pack List: 25 Things to Bring With You on Your Next Hike
Create your own ready-to-go hiking bag with our list of 25 essential items for your next adventure. 
Rumble Nutrition 101: Q&A with Paul and Rumble Dietician Rachel Dickens
Say hello to local Dietitian Rachel Dickens, the newest member of our nutrition team! We ask Rachel and Paul how the latest science is informing Rumble’s evolution.
How Rumble's Nutritional Facts Stack Up
We took the liberty of looking up the nutritional profiles of a bunch of favourite on-the-go and homemade snacks to see how Rumble stacks up. 
Why Omega-3 Fatty Acids are So Good For You
Like all health foods and nutrients, there’s a lot we know, and a lot we don’t know about omega-3 fatty acids. Good thing we did the research for you.