10 Easy Ideas for a Healthier Easter Basket

Canadians buy the most chocolate at two times of year - around Christmas time, and at Easter. While we firmly believe no Easter basket should be entirely chocolate-free (balance, folks!), the sheer VOLUME of chocolate, candies, marshmallow peeps, bunny-shaped treats, and egg-shaped sugar bombs marketed at kids this time of year is overwhelming. The good news is that it’s super easy to create a magical and affordable Easter basket without all the sugary chocolate goodies - all you need is some creativity. Here are a few of our favourite ideas.


1. Stuff your own eggs (and re-use them)

Chocolate eggs aren’t the only eggs the Easter bunny can hide! Stuff your own large plastic eggs with stickers, bunny crackers, fruit gummies, dried fruit, pretzels, or even scavenger hunt clues for older kids. Bonus - plastic eggs can be saved and reused every year!


2. Bubbles

Kids can never have too many bubbles. Tip: make your own bubble solution, or buy solution refill bottles to save on plastic and reuse your bubble containers. 


3. Books

Board books, softcover picture books, sticker books, graphic novels - the options are endless. No need to stick to the Easter theme with this one.


4. Kid-size gardening tools

A perfect seasonal basket stuffer to encourage hours of fun digging for worms and getting dirty. 


5. Seeds or a small plant

Seeds are inexpensive but full of wonder for kids, who can plant them and watch them grow.


6. Small outdoor toys

Get your kids excited to play outside with fun little outdoor toys like construction vehicles, a magnifying glass, a flower press, a butterfly net, a compass or some beach toys.


7. Play-dough

Make your own play-dough in Easter colours, and package it in small jars - it’s easier than you think, and just as good as store-bought. 


8. Sidewalk chalk

A perennial sunny day favourite, there’s nothing like a fresh box of sidewalk chalk to welcome spring!


9. Water balloons

Small kids love how wiggly and jiggly water balloons are, while bigger kids will get a kick out of throwing them (at each other).


10. Better Treats

We love supporting Fairtrade (which is why Rumble Dutch Cocoa and Rumble Cacao are both made with Fairtrade Organic Cocoa/Cacao). Consider picking up fewer, but better treats this year - and supporting a more equitable world - by purchasing Fairtrade chocolate treats from your favourite local supplier. 

P.S. Need a chocolate fix without the sugar high? Rumble Dutch Cocoa and Plant-based Rumble Cacao will keep you as energized as the Easter bunny all weekend long.