How Much Sugar is In Rumble? Here's Everything You Need to Know.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get about the nutritional value of Rumble is about the amount of sugar.

Each bottle of Rumble Supershake has only 9-11 grams of simple sugars, from natural sweeteners (including maple syrup!). That's less sugar than an apple.

Eleven grams may seem high (especially when compared to many of the new ‘low sugar’ or ‘zero sugar’ protein products hitting grocery store shelves), but Rumble actually has a low glycemic index. This means that drinking a Rumble won’t spike your blood sugars like soda or juice. To understand why this matters, we need to talk about sugar! 

Sugar: Pros and Cons

We all know that we should be trying to reduce our intake of added sugars. Consuming too much sugar can result in spiked blood glucose levels, cavities, weight gain, and heart disease. But at the same time, your brain and muscles metabolize sugars into much-needed energy, so by cutting out sugars entirely, you may find it tough to get through your workouts or avoid mental fog.

The good news is that if you’re consuming sugars in moderation and balancing your sugar intake with fibre and protein, there’s no need to cut all sugars from your diet! 

The Importance of Fibre

Now, before you run and grab a cupcake, you should know that healthy intake of sugar is defined by two things: moderation, and balance.

Most naturally occurring sugar is found in foods with fibre. Consuming fibre along with sugar limits the amount you eat (since fibre fills you up). It also slows the rate at which the sugar is metabolized by your body (since there’s more ‘stuff’ to digest).

This is the case with Rumble, since the protein, fats, and fibre in Rumble work to slow your absorption of the sugars, and give you that ‘full’ feeling that you wouldn’t get from an apple alone (which, by the way, has 8 more grams of sugar than a Rumble!). 


It's all About Balance

The focus on balance is the difference between Rumble and ‘low sugar’ products. Rumble was formulated to be nutritionally balanced with ideal proportions of protein, fibre, fats, and carbohydrates to deliver sustained, natural energy.

Glycemic index is a way to rate how foods raise blood glucose levels. Thanks to the fibre, protein, fats, and minimal simple sugars in Rumble, Rumble has a low glycemic index. In fact, it’s so low, that Rumble creator Paul (who is diabetic) doesn’t have to take insulin when he has one.


Everybody’s Different!

When considering sugar intake, you also need to think about your own energy needs. Studies have shown that athletes are able to consume higher levels of sugar than most other people without the ill effects, since they use sugar as fuel for their exercise.

So, yes - if you’re sitting around the couch eating candy, sugar is doing you and your body no favours. But if you’re gearing up for a run, or want to stay sharp for your afternoon meeting, simple sugars balanced with fibre, fats, and protein will keep you at the top of your game.

Next time you’re having an energy slump, grab a Rumble - and feel #supergood all day long.