Try Our NEW Plant-based Protein Variety Pack!


Not ready to commit to a 12-pack case of Rumble Supershake? Try a Variety Pack!

We now have two kinds of Variety Packs: the Grass-Fed Variety Pack, and the Plant-Based Variety Pack

Both packs include 6 bottles of super tasty, all-natural, high-protein Supershakes for only $30 with FREE SHIPPING anywhere in Canada.

Our new Plant-based Variety Pack includes three bottles of each of our plant-based flavours, Cacao and Latte. With 16g of hemp and pea protein, 5g of fibre, 2000mg of Omega 3’s (including 80mg of DHA!), plus vitamins B12 and D2, Rumble Cacao and Rumble Latte deliver incredible plant-based nutrition in a bottle. Both flavours are light on sweetness but bold on taste. Chill them down in your fridge, then enjoy - and let us know which is your favourite by tagging us on instagram, @drinkrumble!



Our Grass-Fed Variety Pack is a sampler of our three original Rumble Supershake flavours, made with premium grass-fed dairy proteins. Inside each Grass-Fed Variety Pack you’ll find two bottles of Dutch Cocoa, two bottles of Vanilla Maple, and two bottles of Coffee Bean. All three flavours boast 20g of grass-fed protein, 5g of fibre, 2000mg of Omega 3’s, organic greens, and game-changing taste.

Once you’ve found your favourite Rumble flavour, it’s easy to save on every order with a Rumble subscription! Because nothing beats natural, convenient, and ready-to-drink nutrition delivered right to your door.