There's nothing soft about it! Q&A with Emma Entzminger on tackling adversity, chasing goals and finding your best self along the way.

The journey to uncovering your passion and achieving your goals is no easy feat, but the hard work, sacrifice and dedication is all worth it in the end. We sat down with pro softball athlete and Rumble ambassador, Emma Entzminger, to talk through her journey in getting to where she is today. From professional athletics to firefighter training, Emma has proven that good things come to those who work for it. 

Q: How did you get into softball?

Growing up I played every sport I possibly could. I was fortunate my parents provided me with many opportunities to try the sports that I wanted to. I grew up playing hockey, soccer, baseball, volleyball, and basketball. I played baseball until I was 13, then I decided to switch over to softball.

Q: What challenges did you come across in getting to where you are today? 

In 2017 I was hit with the biggest hurdle of my career, I was cut from the Women’s National Team. I came to camp that year unprepared and out of shape. I had a tough conversation with my head coach at the end of camp. He told me I took things for granted and assumed I would just get the open spot on the team. I was in denial. I didn’t understand how he could say that to me. That’s not the person I was. 

I decided to take that summer off and spend some time reflecting. The more I reflected, the more I realized he was right. It was my Junior year of University and I didn’t put in the work I needed to in the off-season. I wasn’t putting in the extra reps, focusing on my nutrition, and getting my extra workouts in. I took things for granted and I paid a price. This was a tough experience for me but I am so grateful for that experience. From that day on, I made a promise to myself that I will never take anything for granted again. The moment you stop working, someone will pass by you.

Q: What do you feel the toughest aspect of being an athlete is? 

If you want to get to the next level, there is another bar that needs to be raised. Over the past few years, I’ve learnt what it means to be 100% all in on something. The amount of sacrifice, dedication, and attention to detail transcends the actual skills of the sport you’re playing. The mental performance, nutrition, and strength and conditioning required is unlike any other, and that means making sacrifices; which is sometimes difficult. Having a goal on the horizon makes it all worthwhile though. I’ve learnt that in order to become the best version of yourself, you have to make sacrifices. 

Q: You attended the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. What do you remember most from that experience, from your first Olympic experience? 

Representing Canada at an Olympic Games was a childhood dream of mine. My favourite moment from the games was winning the bronze medal game. Celebrating with that group of girls was very special. There was nothing like the feeling of getting the last out in the bottom of the 7th inning and being able to celebrate on the field with my best friends. From the outside people just see the happy moments, only we know the grind we went through to achieve this goal.

Q: Do you remember your first success in softball? Describe that moment.

A moment that really sticks out to me was making ‘Zone 6’ for the BC Summer Games. It was my first year of softball playing ‘B’ ball. My father ended up signing me up for the tryout without me even knowing. I remember going to tryouts with very little expectations because I was a ‘B’ player. When I got there I didn’t know anyone and was way outside of my comfort zone. I ended up making the team and it really started the momentum of my softball career. I never would have had that amazing opportunity if my father didn’t sign me up. He gave me that confidence to keep chasing my goals. 

Q: What have you learned about teamwork from your experiences as an athlete?

Team culture and cohesion are two of the most important parts about being a team. When things get tough and the game is on the line, team culture will really shine through. You begin to rely on each other and pick one another up. You can be the most highly skilled team but if you play individually you’ll get beat by a slightly weaker team who are a very tight knit group with a strong culture. The best part about being on a team is working towards a common goal and being able to share special moments with your best friends. 

Q: You’ve already won an Olympic medal - what else is on your bucket list? 

My long term goal is to become a firefighter. I just completed my firefighting certificate through the Justice Institute of British Columbia. In five to ten years I see myself being a part of a fire department and working my way up in the ranks. Another long term goal of mine is to continue my national team softball career and represent Canada in the 2028 Summer Olympics in LA.

Q: Outside of softball, what are your interests? Do you have time for any other sports or activities when you’re off the field?

I love the outdoors! Whether it’s hiking, the beach or the mountains, I’m in. I also love playing different sports in my spare time. I’m very close with my family so I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews. I’m very passionate about health and fitness so I love working out and moving my body!

Q: What does your diet and nutrition plan look like when you're getting in shape during training? And how does Rumble fit in with your lifestyle? 

During training I am pretty strict with my nutrition. When I’m putting a lot of work into working out and training I make sure I’m fueling my body to get the most out of my fitness. Rumble Supershakes are a perfect addition to my nutrition. It’s my go to as a post workout shake or a midday pick me up. 

Q: We’re super excited to have you on our ambassador team! What is it about Rumble that made you want to become an Ambassador?

I love being a part of a community who shares the same values as myself. As a full time athlete finding something nutritious to eat/drink on the go can be challenging. Rumble is  a perfect post training/work snack and it tastes amazing! I know after drinking a Rumble shake I’ve given my body the boost it needs.

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