Heroes on the Frontlines - Plasticbank

plasticbank collectors

We're thrilled to announce that with the support of Rumble and over 200 other global companies, Plasticbank has stopped TWO BILLION PLASTIC BOTTLES from entering our oceans - that’s 40 million kilograms of plastic waste! ⁠🗑♻️💚⁠

More than just a logo on the side of each Rumble bottle, this social enterprise worked with more than 30,000 collectors across 511 collection branches in the world's most vulnerable coastal communities of the Philippines, Indonesia, Brazil, and Egypt. Through Plasticbank's global circular economy for recycled plastics, these collectors exchange ocean-bound plastic waste for bonuses that provide basic family necessities like:⁠

💰 Household income ⁠
🍞 Groceries⁠
👩‍🍳 Cooking fuel⁠
📚 School tuition⁠
🤒 Health insurance ⁠
🖥️ Digital connectivity ⁠

plasticbank partnership

Here at Rumble, we're very aware of the packaging that the production of a consumer packaged good creates. Until a 100% post-consumer recycled package becomes available to us through our production facility, or our business grows to a size where we can produce custom bottle packaging like the big conventional food companies of the world, we will continue to search out partnerships with amazing social enterprises like Plasticbank. For more information on 'Our Plastic Promise' please click here:


Plasticbank Press Release