The Top Five Posts From the Rumble Blog in 2021

2021 has been a monumental year for Rumble, and we’re taking a moment to reflect and celebrate the many wins and the challenges we overcame. 

We kicked off the year by introducing the new and improved Rumble bottle, followed by the launch of our two planted-based flavours, Latte and Cacao. We joined Plastic Bank in their journey to stop ocean plastic and congratulated two of our long-standing ambassadors on qualifying for the Tokyo 2020 olympics— all while surviving yet another year in a global pandemic. 

From the entire Rumble team, thank you for your continued support throughout the many challenges and changes this year presented. We rounded up our top 5 blog posts of 2021 to relive a few standout moments— none of which would have been possible without you!

  1. The Rumble Life: How to Heal Through Hardship 

What can you do to optimize healing in the face of massive challenges? Rumble Founder, Paul, shares four suggestions inspired by his wife, Sandra, during her recovery from major surgery. 

  1. Health Hacks from Rumble Founder Paul: Heart Rate Variability 

The difference in milliseconds between heartbeats is what's called heart rate variability (HRV) - and it’s a big signifier of health. In our fourth most popular blog post of 2021, Rumble Founder, Paul, shares how monitoring his HRV over the last year has helped optimize his mental and physical health. Breaking down the why and how—  this is your beginners guide to HRV tracking. 

  1. Two Rumble Athletes Join to Join Team Canada at the Tokyo Olympics 

Rumble Supershake is proud to sponsor athletes and adventurers across the country who share our passion for naturally awesome nutrition. This year, Rumble ambassadors Lindsey Butterworth and Bianca Farella qualified for the Tokyo 2020 olympics and we couldn't be more proud!

  1. Rumble Supershake Creator Paul Underhill Running to Celebrate 10 years Post-Transplant 

This April, Rumble Founder, Paul, celebrated his 10 year post-transplant anniversary! In honor of his donor, the medical team and the loved ones who helped him survive, Paul challenged himself to a 5km run- and asked Rumble fans to join him!

  1. The Journey to Plant-Based: Q&A with Rumble creator Paul & Dietician Rachel Dickens 

After years in the making, 2021 finally brought us plant-based Rumble. In our most viewed blog post of 2021, Rumble Founder, Paul, and Dietician, Rachel Dickens, answer all your burning questions about our journey to plant-based.