A West Coast Christmas (in Lockdown) with Rumble Founder Paul Underhill

Growing up with cystic fibrosis and being immunosuppressed, Rumble founder Paul Underhill is used to keeping his distance - but that doesn't make the pandemic restrictions any easier for him to weather over the holidays.

To get in the spirit, we asked him to share his favourite holiday traditions, and his favourite things to watch, listen to, and do for a west coast Christmas, 2020 style. 

Here's how he's celebrating and giving back this year. 

Holiday traditions you had growing up: 
We did the classic stuff, but probably my fave was the stockings by the fireplace. I was kind of obsessed with it - always wondering how Santa managed to get down the fireplace and eat so much that we left out...

Holiday traditions you have now:
Lots of candles and string lights. We try not to use regular lights for the last few hours before bed - makes the whole place magical!

Something outdoorsy/active you like to do around the holidays:
Always great to get out for a good solid hike with family or friends! This year, we'll be hiking just the two of us. 


Most memorable Christmas:
One (rare!) year we had snow on Christmas and my whole family went tobogganing on a nearby steep residential road. Our sled was notoriously hard to steer… I was maybe 5 years old and tucked in the front, and I remember my parents laughing so hard as we went off the road and into some deep bushes! Now that I think about it, they probably drank a little too much rum and eggnog before we went...

How you’re adjusting traditions to celebrate this year:
It’s looking like our annual boxing day dinner with friends will be by Zoom. Sad, but better than nothing!

Favourite Christmas song:
I can’t pick just one! Live it would have to be O Holy Night, but I always enjoy the harmonies in this Canadian version of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Favourite Christmas movie: 
It’s a Wonderful Life

How you’re giving back: 
We regularly support Our Place Society (a Victoria organization that supports the city's most vulnerable), but this year, a campaign to support nearby old-growth forests caught my eye and felt important.

Anyone who’s spent time in old-growth forests knows how special and important they are, and I want to help preserve them for future generations. 

Resolution for the new year:
Not much of a resolution kind of guy, but want to keep up a new habit of starting the day with cold showers (Wim Hoff Method). I’m also determined to live more from the heart with each passing year!

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