The Natural Sweeteners that Make Rumble Supershake Taste So Good

When Rumble founder Paul set out to create Rumble Supershake, he didn’t want to choose between ‘healthy’ and ‘tasty’. That’s why Rumble has a balanced 2:1 protein-to-carb ratio, but is still sweet enough to be craveworthy. 

While other beverages use artificial sweeteners to trick the pallet, Rumble is proud to be made of 100% natural ingredients. 

Tasting Rumble Supershake today, you’d have no idea that it has less sugar than other leading shakes, meal replacements, and snack bars. Rumble is also free of cane sugars, artificial sweeteners, and GMO ingredients. 

Rumble tastes like it should - creamy, delicious, and real - thanks to our premium ingredients and these powerhouse natural sweeteners:


Maple syrup

Okay, we’re Canadian - but that’s not the only reason we love maple syrup! Maple syrup has a lower glycemic index than table sugar, and it contains antioxidants and minerals not found in other sweeteners. Plus it has a flavour that really shines in Rumble Vanilla Maple

Brown rice syrup

A touch of brown rice syrup helps amplify the flavours in Rumble, thanks to its nutty sweetness.

Tapioca syrup

Extracted from the cassava root, tapioca syrup is another natural sweetener that is slightly lower in calories than regular sugar. 


Monk Fruit Juice

This juice comes from a mountain-orchard melon found in Southern China called lo han guo, or monk fruit. Monk fruit juice is 100-250 times sweeter than sugar, so just a touch of it adds a lot of sweetness with fewer calories and no sugar spike.


Stevia is the most popular, natural, low-calorie sweetener out there, but some people don’t love the slightly bitter or drying aftertaste. That’s why we only use a very tiny amount in Rumble - enough to give Rumble incredible flavour and perfect sweetness, with zero aftertaste. 

Naturally Delicious

Each of these natural sweeteners come together with our grass-fed protein blend, organic veggies, flaxseed oil, MCT coconut oil, and other premium ingredients to create a Supershake as drool-worthy as it is good for you.