Our Plastic Promise: Recycling More Plastic Than We Use


Our old Rumble carton was plagued with problems. Over the last two years, we heard from many of you about dribbling spouts, cartons exploding in transit, and the frustration of not being able to empty the carton - leaving valuable and tasty Rumble inside.

We tried to solve the problems by working with our carton manufacturer, but in the end, our production partner decided to discontinue the carton. 

When we realized that the only packaging option for Rumble to move forward was a new plastic bottle, we felt stuck.

Like you, we don’t have much love for plastic. At home, we bring our own tote bags to the grocery store. We recycle. We say no to plastic bags, and we avoid unnecessary packaging when we shop. At work, we’re always thinking about how we can ship more efficiently, minimize waste, and reduce our company’s carbon footprint. Since we were founded on the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, BC, we’re also intimately aware of the problem of ocean plastic. 

At Rumble, we believe that healthy people depend on a healthy planet - a planet free from plastic waste.

If we were going to move into a plastic bottle, we had to do something to compensate.

A Bottle That Gives Back

At first, we hoped we could package Rumble in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottle. But that dream didn’t last long - a small company like ours can’t afford custom bottle manufacturing, and our production facility doesn’t yet support post-consumer recycled bottles. 

We’re pleased that our new Rumble bottle is recyclable, light to ship, and BPA-free, but we wanted to do more.

So we asked ourselves - instead of just compensating for the footprint of our bottle, what if we strived for a net-positive effect? What if we could help solve the problem of ocean plastic?

Then we discovered Plastic Bank.

Building a Regenerative Society

One of the reasons plastic waste is so common is because it’s not worth anything - there’s no incentive for people to pick it up and recycle it (beyond taking care of our planet). Plastic Bank is an organization that’s attempting to change that, by building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities with plastic waste problems. 

Plastic Bank pays for plastic waste that's collected by local people, providing economic benefits for the community. The plastic is then given new life as 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and other materials that have value again, creating a regenerative economy for plastic.


By partnering with Plastic Bank, we’ve committed to help cover the cost of collecting and recycling more plastic waste than we use. That means for every bottle of Rumble we make, we’ll help prevent two bottles from entering the world's oceans.

As our company grows, we’ll have more resources to switch to a 100% post-consumer recycled bottle - maybe a bottle made from the very plastic we help recover. 

Until then, remember to recycle your Rumble! Give every bottle another life, and keep our oceans free of plastic waste.

Let’s do better for ourselves and for the planet.