Introducing the New Rumble Supershake

It's Finally Here!

Two years ago, faced with increasing costs and production delays, we set out to find a new production partner for Rumble. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as moving house, because switching to a new partner meant we had to change how we make and package our drinks. We turned this challenge into an opportunity, as we took the chance to make improvements to Rumble that we’d been hoping to make for years.

A million headaches and meetings and decisions and high-fives later, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the new Rumble Supershake! 

Still your Rumble.

Before we get into the new stuff, you should know that what hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality, sustainability, taste, natural ingredients, and balanced nutrition. Functionally, it’s still the same Rumble you know and love! Each serving of Rumble is packed with protein, fibre, Omega 3’s and organic veggies. Just like always, you can enjoy Rumble before or after the gym, on your way to work, after school, for breakfast, or whenever your snack cravings strike.

Keeping it Fresh

What’s changed? Lots! We’ve swapped out some ingredients for others to help reduce allergens, intolerances, and improve the nutritional balance of each drink. We’ve got an awesome, new, environmentally-friendly carton. And best of all, Rumble tastes cleaner and bolder than ever before.

Grass-fed Protein

One of the biggest changes is our move to grass-fed protein! All protein in Rumble is now sourced from grass-fed cows, for those ‘happy cow’ vibes.

Going Fairtrade and Organic

We've always used Fairtrade coffee in Rumble Coffee Bean, but we're stoked to now have organic Fairtrade coffee. We've also made the switch to organic Fairtrade cocoa in Rumble Dutch Cocoa. Not to be outdone, Rumble Vanilla Maple gets it's amazing flavour from organic vanilla bean.

We’ve added other organic ingredients to Rumble, too, including organic tapioca syrup, organic stevia, and new, sneaky organic veggies (broccoli, broccoli sprouts, tomato, and carrot). 

New Healthy Fats

We removed walnut oil from all Rumble flavours, which makes Rumble officially tree nut-free. To balance out the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats, we replaced walnut oil and pumpkin seed oil with grass-fed butter and Coconut MCT Oil. These neutral in flavour but high-performing superfats help give you that ‘full’ feeling and creamy Rumble taste.

Lowering the Stevia

Not everyone loves the taste of stevia. We listened and brought the stevia levels down a notch by introducing Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate, another natural sweetener. Together, organic stevia and monk fruit juice concentrate amplify the sweetness of the maple syrup and brown rice syrup in Rumble, delivering bold flavour while keeping simple sugar levels low.

Easier Digestion

Rumble is now carrageenan-free, and we also dropped inulin, a natural source of fibre which some people have trouble digesting. The new Rumble has 5 grams of soluble fibre (down from 8 grams), to make it easier for everyone to enjoy.

More Nutrient Dense

We’ve packed the same nutritional wallop (20 grams of protein, high fibre, healthy fats, 250 calories) in a smaller package (330ml). Now, you don’t have to drink as much Rumble to get the same hit of nutrients.

Bold New Taste

Ingredient changes and a new production process created a Rumble with cleaner and bolder flavour. We know you’ll love the brighter maple and vanilla notes in Rumble Vanilla Maple, and the stronger, creamier coffee in Rumble Coffee Bean. With the introduction of organic Fairtrade cocoa, Rumble Dutch Cocoa has a richer, deeper chocolate taste that we can’t wait for you to try!

Feel Good Packaging

Did you ever get spritzed when opening an old Rumble? Us too! There’s zero-spritz action with our new, 100% recyclable, paper-based SIG carton made from 75% renewable materials sourced from FSC sustainably managed forests. Whew! It only gets better from here, as SIG is committed to increasing the renewable materials in our cartons from 75% to 95% in the near future. Oh, and one more amazing thing: they’re entirely BPA-free.

These cartons ship to our production partner flat, which means we can ship ten times the number of cartons in one truck, further reducing their carbon footprint. Our fun new 12-pack cases are also plastic-free. That’s a big thumbs-up to the planet. 

A New Beginning

We’re so excited for you to try and fall in love with the new Rumble. And here’s some more good news: now that it’s here, we can go back to focusing on what’s next! We can’t wait to release new products and get back to working with local communities, participating in events, and getting Rumble into the hands of all those who need it. Expect to see us everywhere very, very soon.