The Science Behind Coconut MCT Oil

If you look closely at Rumble’s Grass-Fed ingredient list, you notice something called Coconut MCT Oil. It’s one of our two new ‘superfats’, added for its neutral palette and health-boosting effects. But what exactly is it?

The Best Part of the Coconut

To start with, Coconut MCT Oil is not the same as virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is all the rage, with some people tossing their bottles of olive oil out in favour of cooking everything in the solid-when-room-temperature fat. But most of the science behind this trend actually focuses on Coconut MCT Oil, which is an extraction of the Medium-chain Triglycerides (aka, the good stuff) in coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil comes with all sorts of other fatty acids in it, including not-so-good saturated fats like lauric acid, which is slow to metabolize (unlike MCT oil!).

Amazing Energy

Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCTs), like Coconut MCT Oil, are quickly absorbed by the liver and transformed into ketones, which are a powerful source of energy for your brain, heart, and other organs. Because MCT oil is metabolized so quickly by the body, it helps prevent fat storage (since the energy it generates isn’t hanging around), and potentially makes you feel full, faster.

Recent studies have linked Coconut MCT Oil with improvements in weight loss and weight control (when it’s eaten in place of other fat), improvements in metabolism, and improved cognitive function (even in Alzheimer’s patients!). But this science is all so new - studies are ongoing, and it’s too early to make huge claims. What we do know is that MCTs are a powerful energy source, and because they have a shorter chemical structure than other fats, they’re easy and fast to digest.

It's All About Balance

This alone made Coconut MCT Oil a no-brainer for us to include in Rumble Dutch Cocoa, Vanilla Maple, Coffee Bean. Together with grass-fed protein, fibre, and omega 3's from other healthy fats, Coconut MCT Oil helps give every bottle of Rumble an incredible nutritional boost. If all the other claims about Coconut MCT Oil turn out to be true, too? Well, that’s just an epic, metabolism-boosting bonus.