Plant-Based Latte

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Rich & Mellow.
Made with cold brew coffee with a hint of cinnamon for a zip of energy.

Whats Inside
  • Cold Brew Coffee
  • Pea and Hemp protein
  • Coconut Cream
  • 84mg Caffeine
  • Organic Flax Seed Oil
  • DHA
  • Organic Kale, Beet, Broccoli
  • Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D2
Nutrition Facts & Ingredients
100% vegan bpa free Gluten Free 5g fibre Omega 3s Kosher soy free non gmo one percent for the planet plastic bank
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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
3.9 Based on 16 Reviews
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Peter L.
Canada Canada

I am an extremely active person (hike, bike, backpack, climb, mountaineer, snowboard, surf, motorcycle... In 2019 I was hospitalized and diagnosed with advanced Crohn’s and Celiac diseases along with an allergy to the dairy protein. It took me over six months to get the strength to make it through a full day! Three flares and hospitalizations later my daughter suggests a nutritious drink called ‘Rumble’ that has plant based proteins... it was immediately after a flare and I was afraid to eat anything... I started with one of the plant based cacao per day, then quickly to two and then three... Two weeks later I was back to work as a carpenter!! I’m a believer! Thank you to the entire Rumble team! I have my life back

Rumble Supershake

Hi Peter! I am so sorry to hear about your Crohn's and Celiac disease struggles but am so happy to hear you have found success with Rumble. My boy friend has the exact same diagnosis as you and has been loving the Plant Based Latte over ice if your ever trying to mix it up :)

Katrina R.
Canada Canada

Love it- just hoping for nonplastic alternatives to waste. But the latte is great flavoured and easy to grab and go.

Rumble Supershake

Hi Katrina, thank you so much for the review and feedback! We've taken a lot of thought into our new packaging and chose our new bottle with the environment in mind! At Rumble, we believe that healthy people depend on a healthy planet - a planet free from plastic waste. As a result our new bottles are recyclable, light to ship and BPA-free! We have also partnered up with Plastic Bank. Plastic Bank is an organization that’s attempting to change that, by building ethical recycling ecosystems in coastal communities with plastic waste problems. Plastic Bank pays for plastic waste that's collected by local people, providing economic benefits for the community. The plastic is then given new life as 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles and other materials that have value again, creating a regenerative economy for plastic :)

Canada Canada
Chocolate is my favorite

Nice drinks. I prefer them over lots of ice.

Rumble Supershake

Hi, thank you for the review. I'll definitely have to try putting my Rumble over ice next time :)

Grace F.
Canada Canada
Best Plant Based Protein Yet!

It’s been hard finding plant based alternatives to whey based proteins that I can stomach and this is by far the best one I’ve had. It’s tough to get away from the slightly gritty texture of plant based protein drinks but it’s probably one of the smoothest out there that I’ve had (and I’ve tested a lot!). I’m not a huge fan of super sweet drinks so the coffee latte flavour really hits the mark for me. Not too sweet - just right!

Rumble Supershake

Hi Grace, Thanks you so much for the great review. I'm so happy to hear your enjoying our new Plant-Based Rumbles :)

Kelsay G.
Canada Canada

I loved This drink. It’s not too coffee-y and it’s an amazing plant based alternative.

Rumble Supershake

Hi, So happy to hear your enjoying our Plant-Based Latte Rumbles :)

Canada Canada
Looking forward to next iteration

I love Rumble and my partner and I both drink it regularly. We were so excited to try the plant based shakes because we are always trying to move away from animal products. Unfortunately, the texture and flavour of this one wasn't for me - chalky texture and flavour not as good. However, my partner only drinks the plant based options now and says they are "good enough" to replace the original offerings which he does still prefer. So excited that you are exploring plant based and can't wait to try future iterations.

Leanne S.
Canada Canada

Been drinking Rumble over the last few years and patiently waited til their new line came out. Love this Latte, my new favourite.

Rumble Supershake

Thank you, Leanne! We're thrilled that you're enjoying the new Plant-Based Latte!

Canada Canada
Great new offering

I've been a fan of Rumble for years and was excited to try the new "plant based" (vegan) offering. I really enjoyed both of the new products. Especially good when I'm on a plant based health kick!

Elizabeth R.
Canada Canada
Really great taste

This plant based latte is not only great tasting it packs 16g of protein to help keep you full for hours.

Marina R.
Canada Canada

I have been drinking Rumble for years now and LOVE it!!! I recommend it to anyone who is in need of a booster drink!!! If I find out someone is drinking those drug store drinks - you know the ones!!!! - I always tell them about RUMBLE. And sometime I just buy them and gift them - so they can try them without having to listen to me go on and on about RUMBLE:):) That said, the two new PLANT BASED Rumbles were disappointing!! They were chalky in texture and the flavors were just not up to par. I see in the responses from RUMBLE that this is the first trail run - so I am sure that with some tweaking, they are going to turn out great!!! I hope that RUMBLE will let us know when the second trail is out, so I can try them. I LOVE the COFFEE BEAN!!!!!! And the new packaging is very convenient!!! The boxed drink always left some remaining in it - but I found a way to remove the plastic (which was rather painful at times due to the 'teeth' in it:):):) but the pain was worth it, as I wanted EVERY drop I could get:):):)

Rumble Supershake

Thanks for your feedback, Marina! As you mentioned, this was part of our first trial run and we are working to make improvements to both plant-based flavours later in the spring :)

Pamela N.
Canada Canada
Plant Based Latte

I was very disappointed in this product, I found it chalky and grainy, did not like the taste at all. Will stick to the Coffee Bean Rumble.

Rumble Supershake

Hi Pamela, Thank you for your feedback on Rumble Plant-Based Latte. The product you tried is part of our first trial run and we are working to make improvements to both plant-based flavours later in the spring. We'd be happy to add you to our follow-up email list if you wish! Best, Team Rumble

Jason M.
Canada Canada

Tastes like tiramisu :)

Rumble Supershake

Thanks for your feedback, Jason! Glad you're enjoying Rumble Plant-Based Latte :)

Canada Canada
Plant-based rumble

The plant-based rumble had a chalky and bad aftertaste, as compared to the dairy-based rumble. This was unfortunate and I was looking for a plant-based alternative.

Rumble Supershake

Thank you for your feedback on Rumble Plant-Based Latte. The product you tried is part of our first trial run and we are working to make improvements to both plant-based flavours later in the spring. We'd be happy to add you to our follow-up email list if you wish! Best, Team Rumble

Canada Canada
Mmmm... Latte...

I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but have ***** a fair few Coffee Bean Rumbles. After trying Latte, I'll be adding it into my Regular Rumble Rotation (RRR)! It's a lighter taste compared to Coffee Bean, nice and creamy. Plus, I'm all about that caffeine.

Rumble Supershake

Thank you for your feedback, Paul! We're so glad you're enjoying Plant-Based Latte :)

Canada Canada
Delicious and Healthy!

I was so excited to hear that Rumble came out with plant-based options because I have been dairy-free for a few years. This latte flavour did not disappoint! It's so creamy and I really like the little caffeine pick me up.

Rumble Supershake

Thank you so much for your feedback, Marie! Glad to hear you're enjoying the new Plant-Based Latte!

Canada Canada
My new breakfast shake

Like drinking a healthy plant-based cold brew milkshake!! So yummy. Hard to believe something this tasty only has 5grams of sugar in it and I love that it comes from sources like monk fruit. Plus 50% of daily value of Vitamin B12!! oh yeah!!

Rumble Supershake

Love it! Thanks Martin