Comparison Chart: What Makes Rumble the Best Protein Shake in Canada

Rumble Supershake Best Protein Shake in Canada

Rumble Dietitian Rachel Dickens, photo by Shayne Stadnick

Wondering what makes Rumble Supershake different from other protein shakes in Canada?

It's not just that we use grass-fed protein, or load up every drink with 2500mg of healthy Omega 3 fats. Rumble is different because from the very beginning, we set out to make the healthiest, and tastiest shake possible. The premium ingredients that make Rumble taste so good (like organic Fairtrade cocoa, organic vanilla bean, and organic maple syrup), also make Rumble so good for you  - and the planet, too. 

Here's a quick breakdown on how we compare to other big protein shakes in Canada - because we believe what we put in our bodies matters, and we know you do too. 

Compare Protein Shakes in Canada