Why We Choose Fairtrade

From the outset, our mission at Rumble has always been to make the healthiest, tastiest, all-natural supershake (easy, right?). Part of that commitment means doing whatever we can to ensure a happy, healthy planet - people included.

This January, we launched our newest version of Rumble Supershake, with a double-down on that promise of health and sustainability. One of the big changes we made was adding Certified Fairtrade organic cocoa to our Rumble Dutch Cocoa flavour. 

Why Fairtrade

Certified Faitrade organic cocoa is sourced from small-scale farmer organizations that meet the social, economic, and environmental standards of Fairtrade. These standards include protections for workers and the environment, as well as payment of the Fairtrade Minimum Price and investments back into the local community. It’s a partnership that allows rural farmers more control and stability in their lives, and helps vulnerable farming communities to flourish. Really, what’s not to like?

Why Now

The growth of our business over the last few years gave us the opportunity to revisit our original recipes and think about how we could be doing better for our customers, our planet, and everyone involved in our supply chain. In addition to adding grass-fed protein and Fairtrade organic cocoa, we also increased the efficiency of our shipping to lower our carbon footprint. 

Why it Matters

These decisions aren’t always about dollars and cents - they’re about the impact our company makes, and the impact of each and every carton of Rumble. We measure our impact in the stories we get from customers telling us how our Supershake fuels their work-outs, how it keeps their kids full before hockey practice, how it satisfies their afternoon cravings, or how it’s the only thing their mom can drink while in the hospital. These stories matter, but so do the other stories - how our carton is made, how our cocoa is harvested, and how our supply chain involves real people around the globe. 

You can’t have health without a community that takes care of one another. That’s why we’re stoked to now choose Fairtrade!