The Top Five Posts From the Rumble Blog in 2019

2019 was one wild ride for us at Rumble. Almost one year ago, we launched the latest version of Rumble Supershake - with all new packaging, taste, and ingredients. We hustled hard to get it back on shelves across the country, while setting up the new Rumble online store to ship cases directly to you. We created a wholesale program for small businesses and gyms, brought on more sponsored athletes, and partnered with the Whistler Gran Fondo, Banff Mountain Film Festival, and so many other incredible events.

Thanks for helping make it all happen! 

To celebrate, we wanted to share a recap of the five most viewed posts on our blog.

5. What it Takes to Build a Natural Food Company in Canada: Q&A with Rumble Co-Founder James McQueen

Ever wondered what goes into starting a beverage company? Co-founder James McQueen has ridden the Rumble roller coaster since the very beginning in 2010, when Rumble Supershake was just an idea and a collection of recipes from Paul’s kitchen.

In this interview, James talks about his business background, the lessons learned, the difference between the Canadian and American markets, and what's coming next for Rumble. 

4. Five Tips for Healthy Snacks All Week Long

Squeezing healthy eating into our busy lives can be tough, because so much ready-made food is full of sugar, artificial ingredients, and other not-so-great stuff. 

But Rumble is just one of many awesome snack options to keep you (or your kids) fuelled for the day. All it takes to set yourself up for a week full of healthy, ready-to-go snacks is a little bit of advance planning and prep - read our list of 5 tips to get you started!

3. Fifty Essential Camping Tips and Hacks

Turns out everyone would like to improve their camping game! We put together this list of 50 camping tips and hacks from our own experience and from all over the internet, and it turned out to be our third most popular post of the year. 

2. Catching Up with Paul Eight Years Post-Transplant

Our second most popular post profiles Rumble creator Paul, asking how life's changed since his double-lung transplant, what's stayed the same, and what he loves most about the new Rumble.

1. Introducing the New Rumble Supershake

No surprise here! Our most popular post of the year introduced you to the latest version of Rumble Supershake. With new ingredients, new taste, and a brand new look, we had a lot to talk about! Stay tuned for more exciting news in 2020. 

If you still haven't tried Rumble, give our Sample Pack a try.