Rumble at Home: Checking in with Rumble Supershake Founder Paul Underhill

Life during a pandemic is scary for most of us, but Rumble creator Paul Underhill is especially at risk because he's immunosuppressed. We ask how he's coping with isolation and still managing to #feedthegood. 

How life’s changed during the pandemic:

Actually, not much has changed. Since having a double lung transplant, I take immunosuppressive drugs that make me susceptible to infection, so I’ve always had to be careful. Now it’s as if most people have to live like I do.

That said, I'm reading more medical news and research, and my time spent with family and friends has decreased to essentially zero this last 8 weeks, with the exception of a couple of hikes. 

I’ve also taken advantage of an online meditation ‘retreat’ that offers a 40 minute morning session 3 days a week, which helps me manage my stress during these uncertain times.

Daily To-do’s:

    • Hydrate with organic green tea
    • Meditate for twice per day for 20-40 minutes
    • Qigong for 20 minutes
    • Healthy breakfast (usually organic quinoa, with organic home roasted almonds, homegrown kale, hemp hearts, olive oil and dulce sprinkled on top)
    • Morning Rumble
    • Get outside for at least 30 minutes
    • Get some running/riding/kiteboarding in, or walking on a rest day
    • Afternoon Rumble
    • Read news from a variety of sources, but always including Globe and Mail and NY Times as well as several online sources
    • Find something that makes me laugh!

Hardest thing about this time:
Seeing the amount of suffering taking place, and in particular what’s going on in the USA. A close second is the loss of close social contact with friends and family (I’m a big hugger, and it’s been a full two months!).

Best thing about this time:
Seeing people coming together in a variety of ways to help, from those using 3D printers to make PPE, to the simplicity of getting groceries for the more vulnerable. It's humanity at it's best.


... reading: Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

...watching: After Life on Netflix

…listening to: Departure by Freya

...feeling thankful for: The ability to breathe deeply and get outside, and these days I’m particularly grateful that we live in BC, which has the lowest COVID-19 occurrence of any jurisdiction in Europe or North America with a population of 5 million or more.

Personal mantra of the moment:

“Live life as though everything is rigged in your favour”, which is actually a paraphrase taken from the first line of one of my favourite Rumi Poems: “It’s rigged — everything, in your favor. So there is nothing to worry about…