Our Favourite Outdoor Activities for Fall

With temperatures cooling down and cloudy skies setting in, it’s tempting to hide away indoors. Sweaters, hot cocoa, and snuggly blankets on the couch are signatures of the Danish concept of hygge, which roughly translates to ‘coziness’ and well-being. But did you know that a big part of those hygge feelings for the Danish comes from spending time outdoors? After all, the only thing cozier than an evening spent by the fire with friends, is an evening spent by the fire with friends after a drizzly mountain hike!

To help you get out there on even the most dreary of days, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite activities for all weather.

Get on the Water

Water sports aren’t just for summer! With a thick wetsuit, you can enjoy the ocean in comfort year-round, and surfing on the west coast is even better in the stormy fall and winter seasons. For those who don’t surf, stand-up paddle-boarding (in a wetsuit!) is an accessible alternative on calm water days. Just stay close to the coastline, go with a buddy, and know the currents and tidal patterns of the area before setting out. 

Go for A Hike

With the right clothes and footwear, you can hike or walk in any weather. Your favourite summer trails can take on a whole new persona in the fall and winter, with all the added rainfall. 

Build a Fire

Find a fire pit in a nearby park, or bring your own propane-powered fire or barbeque to a local beach for a cozy picnic. Before you build a fire, always check local regulations to ensure fires are permitted.

Take a look at the Calendar

Check your local parks and community calendar for seasonal outdoor activities like pumpkin picking, apple harvesting, and viewing the Pacific Northwest salmon run (which usually occurs over a couple of weeks between mid-October and early November). 

Find Cover in a Forest

Seek natural shelter from the rain by going on a hike under the tree canopy. From giant ferns to babbling brooks, there’s lots to see on the forest floor if you know where to look. 

Comb the Beach  

Dreary days are always more beautiful at the beach. Wander the coastline to see what’s washed up, or if you have kids, collect rocks and other treasures to paint later at home. 

Light up the Night

Take advantage of the dark afternoons and early sunsets of late fall by going on a flashlight walk with your family. Bring a lantern or flashlight for nearby trails or poorly lit paths. For an extra dose of hygge, have dinner ready-to-go when you get home in a slow-cooker. 

...and don’t forget to warm-up!

The best part about spending time outside on cold or rainy days is the chance to rest and warm-up after. Your post-activity warm-up can be as simple as sharing a thermos of hot chocolate or soup, or taking shelter in a nearby restaurant or pub. When you get home, nothing beats a soak in a hot bath, or the warmth of a wood fire. At the end of the day, you’ll feel way better having gotten some fresh air than if you just stayed at home, watching the rain.

Are you heading out on a fall adventure? Share your stories with us! Tag @drinkrumble on instagram, and show us how you #feedthegood in all weather.