Not Just for Athletes: Why Rumble Supports the Cystic Fibrosis Community

Think of protein shakes, and you’re likely to think of gym buffs with big muscles or high-performance athletes (like our impressive Rumble Ambassadors!). But Rumble didn’t get its start in a gym or at the finish line of an ultramarathon.

Rumble was first created by Paul, a recreational cyclist, traveller, and former government worker (with a law degree, no less!), who had a big idea: to make a natural, nutritionally-balanced shake that actually tasted good.

Paul thought the world needed a drink like Rumble because he needed a drink like Rumble. Born with Cystic Fibrosis, Paul requires nutrient-dense food to maintain his weight and health. This is why Rumble isn’t just a protein shake, but is packed full of healthy fats and fibre. It’s why Rumble is low in simple sugars, and spiked with a veggie blend for antioxidants.

Paul envisioned Rumble to be a convenient and fast way to get additional, holistic nutrition when and where you need it. So while Rumble is proud to sponsor amazing athletes at the top of their game, we’re also proud to be a drink that many Canadians rely on for their health - including those with Cystic Fibrosis, like Paul.

Today, Rumble supports a ton of community fundraisers for health services and research. Paul was driven to create a drink to save his own health, and now, here at Rumble, we have the opportunity to give back.

Since Rumble’s beginnings, we’ve been a supporter of GearUp4CF, a fundraising bike ride that originally took riders from Vancouver to Banff. Paul even completed the massive ride in 2013 (and again in 2014), a scant two years after his life-saving double-lung transplant. This year, the 14th annual GearUp4CF consists of two, shorter rides starting in White Rock on June 22nd. We’re stoked to continue to support this incredible event by supplying all riders with donated Rumble!

But that’s not the only CF-related event we’re involved with this month. We’re also excited to support The Rod Brind’Amour/ Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Cystic Fibrosis Golf Classic in Campbell River, coming up on June 15th. And we had a blast last month handing out samples at the Victoria Walk to Make CF History.

All of these events support Cystic Fibrosis Canada, which funds essential research, innovation, and clinical care for CF. We may have come a long way since Paul was born  (when he wasn’t expected to live past his teen years), but CF still has no cure. Cystic Fibrosis remains Canada’s most fatal genetic disease for children, and life expectancy in Canada for those with CF is only 53 years of age. It’s high time for a cure.

Cystic Fibrosis is part of the Rumble story, and it’s the reason why Rumble is more than just a protein shake. Every day, we hear from people and parents who love Rumble for the same reasons Paul does: it’s natural, balanced nutrition, and a great alternative to meal replacements for those who need one.

Rumble continues to fuel Paul’s life, and the lives of many Canadians with health conditions or challenges. But the bottom line is that good nutrition is just that - good nutrition. Whether you have CF, an upcoming triathlon, or just need a quick breakfast, Rumble’s for you.

More Stories from our Community

These are the kinds of stories that get the whole Rumble team excited to slog through spreadsheets and fulfill orders! It's why we do what we do. 

I discovered Rumble after my kidney transplant, and its nutritious formula has helped me on the road back to health. Jane K

I serve it to my mother who is in her 90’s. A superior drink compared to the other products marketed to this population.Nancy W

Since my surgery, which reduced my ability to eat to liquids only, it has been a struggle to find something I can drink which supplies me with nutrition and not sugar. Thanks to Rumble i am able to feed my body with the nutrition it needs. Margo S.

I just discovered your drinks and would like to thank you for helping my special needs son get more nutrition. He loves all the flavours and by drinking it he has way more energy than before - M. 

A few months ago, I was admitted to hospital due to complications of an eating disorder and presently continuing the re-feeding process. I have at least one Rumble supplement every single day to help get my body back to where it needs to be. It goes without saying that I struggle with the intake of food and calories, however your product, with its vast and expansive nutritional properties and benefits, is something that I don't hesitate to consume. Furthermore, Rumble is super easy to digest and didn't cause any digestive problems like most other products. It's keeping me on the track to recovery. - C.
I was recently diagnosed with a pretty bad heart condition. I’ve been put on a regime of medications that made me come to lose my appetite. A friend who is undergoing chemotherapy told me about Rumble. I feel like it’s saving my life. My friend says the same. - Lisa

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