Making the New Rumble Video


Have you seen our new Rumble video yet? You know, the one with all of the crazy stunning shots of Long Beach at sunset, surfers bobbing in the waves, and twisting rainforest roads?

 This one, right here:



Back in September, the whole Rumble crew plus the team from Riptide Studios caravanned up-island to beautiful Tofino, BC, to shoot our new video. Dave Wallace of Riptide made the very first Rumble video over seven years ago (aww!), and so we were stoked to be able to bring him on board again to make our new vision come to life.

It took one drone, one VW camper van, a couple months of planning, and the luckiest break in weather (ever) to pull the video together. Here’s a sneak peek, behind-the-scenes from Riptide Studios:


Rumble Video Fun Facts:

  • The van Paul’s driving in the video isn’t his. Paul’s VW camper van is white, but it ended up in the shop days before our Tofino trip. Luckily, Paul called in a favour with sponsored athlete Chris Curran, who drove up with his burgundy van for filming.
  • We intended to film much of the van footage along the twisty road that borders Kennedy Lake, but construction got in the way. Instead, we filmed on a few logging roads, where the van almost got stuck in potholes (twice!).
  • If you know the area, you’d know that there’s no 'surfable' beach at the end of the forest boardwalk where Paul filmed his walking scenes. But it’s such a cool area of the park, so we fudged it.
  • It was so foggy when we arrived in Tofino for shooting, that we weren’t sure we’d be able to film with the drone. But the sun broke through just in time in the late afternoon, casting the wet sand and water in ribbons of gold. A videographer's dream.
  • If you’ve surfed before, you could probably tell that we had good luck with the weather, but not so much with the surf! At least Paul and Chris looked good bobbing out there on the waves.
  • Paul wanted to kiteboard in the video instead of surf. Kiteboarding is Paul’s water sport of choice, but the conditions weren’t right, and his technicolour kite and clunky harness just wouldn’t have filmed as well. We promised him we’d do a kiteboarding video soon!
  • The cherub-faced baby in the swing is co-founder James’s son, Cliff. His wife, Danielle, is pictured pushing the swing.
  • Rumble Marketing and Operations Manager, Martin, makes an appearance at the Cox Bay lookout, sharing a Rumble with our friend Suzy.
  • We only had mock-ups of the new Rumble packaging, not actual cartons of Rumble, at the time of filming. So, we all faked it with sand-filled cartons. The magic of the movies, right?