How to Make the Most of Your Home Workouts

It’s been a few weeks now since many of us started working - and working out - from home. If you’ve reached a plateau in your fitness (or a downward slide!), it’s time to revisit your routine, get stoked on new goals, and start challenging yourself again. 

Home workouts don’t have to be too easy or boring - with the right structure and mentality, they can be just as effective as thirty minutes in the gym. Here are our tips to pump it up at home. 

Set a goal

The best exercise routines start with a goal, and working out from home is no different. Maybe you want to be able to do a certain number of push-ups, or be able to run 5k, or just feel good in pants that aren’t sweatpants. Whatever your goal is, break it down into small, achievable goals to stay motivated through the trickiest parts of your workouts. 

Create a routine.

Create a schedule and routine to knock off your goals. For high-impact home workouts, try balancing strength training with cardio. 

Aim for three high-intensity strength training sessions a week. Create your own sessions by choosing eight home exercises, and breaking them up into two circuits. Repeat the four exercises in one circuit as many times as you can in seven minutes, before moving onto the next seven-minute circuit. Repeat the circuits twice for a high-impact 28 minute work-out (2 circuits x 7 minutes each x 2 times each). 

Putting a time limit on your workouts and deciding on exercises before you start are both tactics that will minimize your chances of getting distracted or calling it quits when the exercises get tough. 

For maximum impact, choose a focus for each workout session (legs, arms, abs, or a combination of two of these), and alternate your focus throughout the week. 

Push yourself

Be consistent with your workouts, but aim to get sweaty. Each workout should feel like a challenge. If your heart rate isn’t going up or you’re breezing through your circuits, it’s too easy. Try new exercises, or ask yourself if there are exercises you’ve been avoiding because they’re hard (we see you, burpees!). 

To make real progress in your strength or endurance, your workouts have to be at least a little tough, every time. When it feels hard, you know you’ll be making progress. 

Take active rest days

If you’re scheduling three strength training sessions a week, you can set aside your remaining days for some light cardio. It’s a lot easier to psych yourself up for a tough home workout today if you know that tomorrow you can take the day off with an easy jog, bike ride, or a long walk outside. 

Just make sure to give your body (and mind!) time to rest and reset between workouts - and save your will power for your high-intensity sessions. You’ll be hitting your goals in no time!

Work-out and win

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