20 Ways to Squeeze More Exercise into Your Day

Sometimes it seems like there’s never enough time in the day to get everything done. Okay, maybe it feels like that all the time.

When we’re under time pressure because of a move, a new baby, crunch time at work, or any other reason, exercise is often one of the first things to fall off our schedule. But it’s precisely when you’re feeling stressed that you could most use a workout to blow off steam, rev up your endorphins, and get back to tackling your to-do list.

There’s no such thing as too little time for a workout - you just have to get creative. Here’s our list of 20 ways you (yes you!) can squeeze more exercise into your day, without throwing everything else off. 

  1. Stretch or do squats while watching TV.

  2. Turn on some music and dance while doing the dishes or cleaning.

  3. Take the stairs.

  4. Commute on foot or by bike.

  5. Better yet, turn your commute into a workout by running home (with only the essentials and a change of clothes).

  6. Take walking meetings.

  7. Go for a stroll instead of meeting for coffee.

  8. Start each morning with a stretch.

  9. Go to the gym or a yoga class during lunch breaks. If you have a shorter break, go for a power walk.

  10. Get up and move during coffee breaks.

  11. Do a few lunges when no one’s looking.

  12. Sneak in a few sit-ups or push-ups at home.

  13. Instead of dining out or watching a movie, go on active dates like swimming, rock climbing, running or paddle boarding.

  14. Get active with your friends - instead of lunch dates, suggest a hike.

  15. Read (or study) on the treadmill instead of the couch.

  16. Increase your pace when walking or going up stairs to get your heart rate up.

  17. If you’ve got kids, make an activity out of your errands by walking or biking and making fun stops along the way.

  18. Swap out Netflix for an audiobook, and listen while you walk the neighbourhood.

  19. Turn a walk or jog into a full workout by stopping in a park to do lunges, step-ups, and other calisthenics. 

  20. Take up running - you can do it anywhere, anytime, which saves you the trip to the gym.