Zoe Beauchemin

Rock Climber

at Pan-American
Championships in 2017
at Canadian
Nationals 2020
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I'm a Victoria and Montreal-based competitive climber on Team Canada, specializing in bouldering. I first started in 2014, and have since committed my passion for climbing to gym sessions, outdoor trips, hosting community events, youth team/adult coaching, and continued involvement in a variety of projects to facilitate accessibility to the sport. In the future, my goal is to make the bouldering World Cup semi-finals and to one day climb outdoors on every continent! I love to spend rest days exploring the city, getting out in nature, and experimenting with baking.

Photo: @jonahshantz

Why Rumble?

I have always loved using Rumble shakes to power my outdoor adventures and recover after workouts throughout the season! Rumble’s macronutrient breakdown, responsibly-sourced ingredients, and yummy taste is the mecca of performance fuel.

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