Reece Myerscough

Kitesurfer / Surfer


I grew up on Vancouver Island kitesurfing, surfing, and sailing. Over the past few years I've travelled to kitesurfing hotspots around the world to compete on the GKA Kitesurfing World Tour. When I’m not traveling, I spend most of my time at home in Victoria, chasing the wind/waves and training. I also design and test kitesurfing/surfing equipment and boards. I have been designing all sorts of parts on my computer, bringing them to life via 3D printing, and then attempting to use those 3D printed parts when I hit the water. Most of the parts explode half-way through my sessions and I end up swimming back to shore.


Why Rumble?

I was introduced to Rumble through founder Paul, who is also an avid kitesurfer! Competing and travelling around the world can really wear out my body. Rumble is one of the only things that resets my body after these trips and gets me feeling healthy and ready to train. I can honestly say that Rumble tastes good, and I feel great when I drink it. Rumble seems to have everything in it that I never knew my body needed to feel healthy and recover after training sessions.

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