Chris Curran


Years obsessing-over a forward loop
Attempts required to land first forward loop

Christopher Curran has always held a fascination with flow states and has a deep affinity for the water. Since the age of two he has found a way to immerse himself in environments that deepen and feed this sense of connection with nature. Travel, windsurfing, kiteboarding, mountain biking and surf-photography are just a few things that have shaped his view of the world and he feels lucky to call Victoria, BC his home. His career as a Registered Massage Therapist has served as a perfect platform for fine tuning his own practice of health and helping others actively engage in their own well-being. To be affiliated with Rumble, a company with a clear vision of supporting people's health and enjoyment of life, is both an honour and a pleasure for Christopher.

Why Rumble?

Sometimes it can be hard to get the quality and quantity of calories I need when I'm out on the water or on the trails for hours at a time. Rumble gives me everything I need in a great-tasting, nutritious and compact package to perform at my best.

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