Andrea Graham

DJ, Producer, and Music Curator

Andrea Graham, better known by her stage name The Librarian, is a celebrated DJ, producer, and music curator. She’s also the co-founder and music director of Bass Coast, a BC music festival that’s known internationally for it’s music programming and art installations.

As a performing artist and community-builder, Andrea spends a lot of her time on the road, on the stage, and collaborating to make events like Bass Coast a success. We asked her how she got her start, and how she prioritizes her health - no matter her schedule. 


Why Rumble?

I have been drinking @drinkrumble every morning for breakfast to make sure I am getting enough protein at every meal. Eggs are not an option for me so breakfast has always been lacking in protein. To switch things up, I’ll create smoothie bowls using frozen bananas and berries and cacao nibs with cacao, coffee, or vanilla flavoured Rumble. 

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