Alex Hui

Track + Road Cyclist

BC Track Provincial
Sprints Champion
Canadian Masters
Track Medallist
years coaching
in the velodrome

I love riding my bike. My family moved from Hong Kong to Canada when I was 13; I grew up playing soccer on concrete courts and riding my bike in circles around the park’s pagoda. To ride on open roads was only a dream. Needless to say, I fell in love with cycling pretty quickly after moving to Victoria, BC.

After being a competitive cyclist for over a decade, I’ve switched my energy to coaching. I love giving back to the sport and the community, leading through example in my own racing, and sharing what I have learned with aspiring cyclists young and old. As I’m still discovering new techniques, tactics, and tricks for becoming a better and faster cyclist, winning a silver and a bronze at the 2019 Canadian Masters Track Championships only fuels the fire even more. In some ways, not all that much has changed after all these years: I’m still just a kid who loves racing my bike around in circles. Only now I ride on a 29° banked velodrome!

Why Rumble?

Whether it's going from training to work, or from work to coaching, Rumble has me covered when I’m on the go. Not only is it the perfect recovery fuel after a race but it is also a great replenishment for keeping my body happy in between heats and events at those day-long track competitions.  I’m proud to be a part of the Rumble family.

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