Addy Townsend

Mid-Distance Runner

Real Estate Agent
NCAA D2 Runner Up
NCAA D2 West Regional Athlete of the Year

Hi Im Addy Townsend, I am a Canadian 800- 1500 meter runner. I graduated from SFU last year and am excited to be a part of the national team and keep running at an elite level. My mom is my coach and she was an olympian in the 1984 LA Olympics in the 1500m. I am lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people that support me and push me to be my best. Lindsey Butterworth is my training partner and I'm so lucky to be able to have such a role model to train with daily. I have also just got my real estate license and am excited to have a busy but exciting schedule.


Why Rumble?

Rumble makes you feel like you are getting everything you need in a small but mighty shake. With being busy and needing to refuel as fast as possible, Rumble gives me the chance to do that and recover for my next session within 5 min. Getting protein has been hard for me and rumble makes it so easy. The ingredient list is all organic and natural which is very important to me.

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