Rumble for work, life & play.

Rumble’s here to change the way you snack. What is it? A tasty, hunger-fighting beverage, that delivers high-quality nutrients
and a blast of natural energy to people who refuse to sit still.

Listen to your body.

Answer with a rumble.

rumble bottle
rumble dude

The healthy beverage that tastes great.

Eating healthy means giving your body what it needs, when it asks. If you listen to what it's telling you, you can pair the taste you crave with the nutrition you want.

whats in rumble only good stuff

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Your body asked.
We answered. Here's how:

nutrition tables
Equivalent to 3/4 cup of 2% yogurt, 1/4 cup berries & 1 tbsp ground flax seed
Equivalent to more than 3 eggs
Equivalent to more than 8 oz of salmon
Equivalent to more than 2 cups of oatmeal
Equivalent to more than 1 cup of milk
& Veg
Equivalent to 1 apple, 1 cup of berries & 1.5 cups of broccoli
only good stuff only good stuff
big taste

big taste

Remember the old saying that if it tastes good, it can’t be good for
you? Like the beverage world,
we’re turning this one upside down. Rumble is all about the big taste
you want, with the nutritional balance you need.

*Available in Vanilla Maple & Dutch Cocoa

grab and go

grab & go

Ours is a tasty drink you can eat standing up. No scissors, tearing, or chewing required.

our bottle

bottle this

Our bottle is a reason we’re different. It’s who we are: active, fun-loving, and committed to your wellbeing. Because we respect the world around us, it’s *resealable,* recyclable, and repurpose-friendly too. Build a robot, fly a kite - just don’t toss it out.



We’ve packed plenty of passion, science and premium ingredients into one compact container. Rumble is thoughtfully made and loaded with natural goodness.

Rumble Protein Blend

Organic Tapioca Dextrin

Organic Maple Syrup

Inulin (from Chicory Root)

Organic Flaxseed Oil

Organic Agave Nectar

Organic Vanilla Bean Extract


Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

Walnut Oil

Green Tea Extract


Organic Cherry


Red Beet Juice


Organic Spinach

Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract

Whey Protein Isolate
Fast absorbing, high quality protein source to help your muscles recover and provide instant satiation or fullness

Milk protein concentrate
& Calcium caseinate
Made from fresh skimmed milk – a nutritious, slow digesting source of protein and calcium – helps give Rumble a rich mouth feel and provides longer lasting fullness
Organic tapioca dextrin
From the root of the tapioca plant, this complex carbohydrate source is provided in a 1:1 ratio with protein to give you sustained energy for several hours!
Organic maple syrup
You know what this is – it’s in here because it’s mineral-rich and we’re Canadian!
Inulin (from chicory root)
As a dietary fiber, inulin helps keep your inners healthy while slowing digestion of Rumble so you stay satisfied longer
Organic flaxseed oil
Extra rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids – providing anti-inflammatory and other health benefits. Fats, like fibre, slow digestion keeping Rumble balanced and you satisfied. Essential fatty acids are required to maintain health - the body can’t make them so it’s key to incorporate them into a balanced diet
Organic agave nectar
A natural sweetener from the agave plant that is sweeter than sugar – so you need less – and it’s lower on the glycemic index – so it’s better for you
Organic vanilla bean extract
The fruit of a tropical orchid, pure vanilla adds a savoured complexity to Rumble’s flavour
A powder from cacao seeds – the root of Dutch Cocoa Rumble and providing more antioxidants
Organic pumpkin seed oil
A mineral rich oil higher in Omega 6 essential fatty acids than Omega 3. Fats, like fibre, slow digestion keeping Rumble balanced and you satisfied. Essential fatty acids are required to maintain health - the body can’t make them so it’s key to incorporate them into a balanced diet
Walnut oil
A healthy blend of essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and 3. Fats, like fibre, slow digestion keeping Rumble balanced and you satisfied. Essential fatty acids are required to maintain health - the body can’t make them so it’s key to incorporate them into a balanced diet
Green tea extract
A super source of antioxidants scavenging the body of radical damage while providing benefits to health
Packed with Vitamin C and rich in antioxidants
Organic cherry
A super fruit, rarely allergenic, high in Vitamin C and among the highest in antioxidants
Pound for pound, more vitamin C then an orange. Strong antioxidant containing iron, calcium and many vitamins and minerals
Red beet juice
In the same plant family as spinach, this richly pigmented vegetable contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
One of the healthiest vegetables packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
Organic spinach
A vegetable superfood – with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants
Stevia rebaudiana leaf extract
Extracted from the leaves of the plant, Stevia rebaudiana – it provides Rumble calorie-free sweetness

Other Ingredients


Made from seaweed and helps hold all of our healthy ingredients together.

Cellulose gel

A dietary fibre from plants that helps keep Rumble mixed–up, providing you with more fibre and satisfaction.

Cellulose gum

A gum from plants that serves as a dietary fibre and helps keep Rumble mixed-up and satisfying.

Potassium carbonate

An important electrolyte that optimizes Rumble’s acid-alkaline properties. The Paleolithic diet was much higher in potassium, and we believe ours should be too.

In creating Rumble, we focused on:

tastetaste without trade-off
(sacrifice nothing)

powerpower protein
(extend your ‘full’)

naturalnatural sweeteners / slow-release sugars
(dodge slumps and spikes)

friendlyfriendly fats
(boost your mood)

ageage-defying antioxidants
(enhance your good looks)

Bragging Rights

Absolutely nothing artificial

Premium ingredients
(certified organic where possible)

Naturally sweetened and low in
simple sugars (11g per bottle)

Soy, gluten & cane sugar free
99.8% lactose free

Certified non-GMO Ingredients

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our team

Behind Rumble is a small-but-growing Canadian company. We’re based in beautiful Victoria, BC, an outdoor playground where healthy lifestyle matters.

Our founder Paul is the reason we’re here. His determination to get the most out of life while balancing the demands of a genetic lung disease, first inspired our mission. Paul laced up his apron and fired up the blender to boost his own well-being and create something he knew was missing: a tasty, sustaining drink, powered by natural goodness.

Only a team could translate this spark into a beverage fit for the world. Three friends (Kim – our naturopath, Steve – our food guy, and James – our business savvy) joined forces to help shift the dream out of the kitchen and onto the shelves.

Paul’s personal quest has turned into something we think is pretty special: an opportunity to bring healthy, hunger-beating alternatives to people who share our appetite for life. It’s this vision that drives our young company and keeps us innovating for better living.

we love our jobs we love our jobs
our awesome bottle



Your body is one smart unit. Dialed in to your needs, it tells you when you’re running on empty. You'll know the signals…and so will everyone else.

We all get the rumbles sometimes…Rumble fits into your day whenever you need it…at Work, Home, or Play.

the question

Why Rumble?

The rumble is our body at its loudest and most demanding - when your body takes over and announces its need for sustenance!

And Rumble is exactly what your body is asking for:

Quick. Delicious. Nutritious.

at work
morning rumble

mid-morning rumble

during life
morning rumble

transition zone rumble

during play
morning rumble

game-set-match rumble

Listen to your body. Answer with a Rumble.

for hunger

We’re mindful that hunger takes many forms. That’s why we love the 1% for Hunger initiative and the opportunity to be part of something greater than ourselves. We can all nourish the planet. with every sale of rumble, we are hoping to do just that.


Rumble is committed to donating 1% of all
sales to charities that fight hunger.

swirlb fighthunger

We love to hear from Rumble fans and future fans - after all,
we wouldn’t be here without you. xoxo

Stump us with your questions. Tell us what matters.

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