Grass-Fed Dutch Cocoa

Grass-Fed Dutch Cocoa

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(TEMPORARY) This rich and velvety chocolate treat will satisfy all of your cravings. Authentically crafted with Fairtrade Organic Cocoa, creamy grass-fed dairy proteins, real maple syrup, and hidden organic veggies, Rumble Dutch Cocoa is everything chocolate milk wished it could be.

Dutch Cocoa

Premium Nutrition

Made with only the best, all-natural, organic, and Fairtrade ingredients

Natural Energy

Fuel up with 16-20g of grass-fed dairy or plant-based protein


Satisfy your cravings wherever you are

β€œUltimate On-The-Go”

The Dutch Cocoa tastes rich with cocoa with a smooth finish. Pair that with your other healthy snacks, you're set ! Great addition to any lifestyle. Go Rumble..

β€” Jordan M.

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