Attention Young Female Athletes! This 'Virtual Run Club' is For You

The pandemic lockdown is hard for all of us, but it’s especially tough for kids. That's because kids and teens need the community and connection of their peer groups more than most. It's the same issue when it comes to fitness - with gyms, schools, and sports organizations closed, there aren’t many places for teens to get the encouragement and support they need to stay active. 

Enter Rumble Ambassador Sara Zaytsoff. Sara is a kinesiologist and founder of Mint Club Athletics, which offers a training facility and “integrated strength and conditioning programs” for young female athletes, ages 9-19.

When the COVID-19 lockdown began, the Mint Club Athletics facility in Surrey, BC, was forced to close. It’s now reopened with smaller class sizes, but Sara was inspired during the closure to reach out online and start something new: a totally free, virtual ‘Run Club’ for young female athletes

Since July 14th, female athletes ages 9-19 have participated in weekly virtual meet-ups and workshops led by top-performing varsity athletes, sports dieticians, female business owners, and other women in leadership. In addition to receiving the encouragement they need to get outside, get moving, and achieve their goals, participants earn points each week towards some seriously sweet prizes - like 12-pack cases of Rumble Supershake!

Rumble is excited to support Sara and Mint Club Athletics, because we share their belief that all voices and bodies are valued. Creating a space of equal opportunity - both in movement and education - is Mint Club Athletics’ top priority. Just because we’re all at home, doesn’t mean we can’t connect and move - together. 

The Mint Run Club is open to all self-identified young women and all skill levels. Find more details on their website and instagram