Canada’s First SIG Carton

When we said goodbye to our old production partner, we also had to say goodbye to our aluminum bottle. Our old partner was the only facility making beverages in that bottle, but we were also excited to move on to something new.

The contents of the old bottle were under pressure (just like a regular aluminum can), so Rumble used to leak or spritz if shaken too much. We also didn’t love that alumnimum isn’t a renewable material, and that our Rumble cases were wrapped in plastic.

So, off we went, searching the world over to find a new package for Rumble. We hoped to find one that could be even more environmentally-friendly while keeping the convenience and portability of a resealable container. We also love anything new and different, which is why SIG stood out.


The new SIG Combismile

SIG is a Swiss packaging company competing with the behemoth Tetra to produce the world standard in paper-based food and beverage packaging.  SIG’s new Combismile drink container has an innovative shape that’s designed to use less material, which results in a lighter carton and less packaging (yes!). The cool grip corners make it feel great in hand, and the slanted top make for an easier drinking experience.

We love that the cartons are 100% recyclable, and that they use 75% renewable materials from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests. It only gets better from here, as SIG is committed to increasing the renewable materials in our cartons from 75% to 95% in the near future. There are even plant-based polymers used in the laminate and spout (instead of fossil-fuel plastics).

The new Rumble cartons ship to our production facility flat, which means we can fit ten times the number of containers in one shipment. That results in a lower carbon footprint for each carton of Rumble! Oh, and one more amazing thing: the cartons are entirely BPA-free.

To top it off, Rumble is Canada’s first beverage in the SIG Combismile. It’s so brand new, that the equipment to fill SIG cartons was only installed in our partner’s facility (the first in North America) a few months ago. Now that’s fresh.

Rad New Cases

Moving to the paper-based carton opened up a new opportunity to revisit our Rumble cases. The old cases were just small flats (like a pop can or beer flat) wrapped in thick plastic to keep the bottles together. We never loved the plastic, but at the time, it was the easiest (and cheapest) way to get Rumble to customers.

The new Rumble is housed in recyclable cardboard cases, with no plastic in sight. They’re also easier to stack and totally printable, so we were able to design fun and unique cases for each flavour.

Still 100% Recyclable

Most local recycling programs in Canada collect paper-based cartons (commonly referred to as Tetra paks), or accept returned cartons as part of a deposit program. Check with your local recycling program or get in touch with us to find out how best to recycle your Rumble.

When recycled, the materials in the Rumble carton are broken down, with the paper slurry used to produce new paper products, and the foil and laminate skimmed off for further recycling.

Innovative AND earth-friendly - just the way we like it.

Learn more about carton sustainability and recycling at the Carton Council of Canada website.