Sara Zaytsoff

Kinesiologist and Founder of Mint Club Athletics


Sara is a Registered Kinesiologist / Exercise Physiologist and UBC Okanagan Women’s Volleyball Alumni. After graduating, she founded Surrey's Mint Club Athletics - an integrated athletic development program specifically created for young female athletes ages 9-19.

Sara wanted to create a fun, engaging, and inspiring strength & conditioning program that developed young athletes into exceptional athletes & people. Throughout Mint Club's 12-week program, athletes take part in weekly strength and conditioning classes, and attend additional development workshops in mental wellness, nutrition, and yoga. Mint Club Athletics started training young athletes in elementary school cafeterias, and eventually grew to open their own dedicated female athlete facility in 2018. 

Why Rumble?

As an athlete and busy entrepreneur, quick nutrients that keep me fuelled for the day are essential. I was diagnosed with celiac disease back in 2014, and prior to discovering Rumble, I struggled to meet my body's protein needs. Those of us with celiac disease have to be extremely cautious of ingredients. Having celiac disease has made me extremely aware of how the food I consume impacts me. Since 2016, Rumble has been a staple in my fridge. It takes the guess work out of protein amount, and with simple, easy to read ingredients (plus the benefit of the certified GF label), I’m always confident about drinking Rumble.

Social Media

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